Payroll & Benefits

A key part of running a school is ensuring that all of your faculty and staff members are compensated for their efforts. With all of the changes in regulation around healthcare and benefits, you need a partner who focuses on the latest updates. You trust us to keep you informed. Here are the services we offer:

  • Calculation of wages and salaries
  • Payment of employees through paychecks and/or  ACH direct deposits
  • Withhold and remit all employment related taxes
  • Withhold and return voluntary deductions (i.e. 401k contributions; health insurance premiums; FSA contribution; etc.)
  • Withhold and remit garnishment assessments
  • Prepare and file federal, state and local payroll tax reports 
  • Prepare annual W-2s for all employees
  • Submit enrollments and terminations to client’s insurance agent for processing
  • Provide COBRA administration
  • Prepare and administer Premium Only Plans under Section 125
  •  Track wages by workers’ compensation codes and provide standard reports for workers’ compensation audits 

We remove the headache to help you focus on what matters: student learning. 

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